La Dolce Vita


I spend a lot of time thinking about what my next move will be. Where I will find my next idea, what will it be and where will I find the inspiration for it. Will it come in a lyric, an image, a tone, a movement, an emotion? Moment to moment- trying to keep myself as open as possible I navigate through my days searching, reading, watching, listening. When it comes it comes. Like a wave of euphoria, I have it. I've received the information. I'm a firm believer that when you start to believe that the idea, any idea begins and starts with you- you're fucked. All of our ideas are built on those that came before us. All of my ideas consist of little trinkets I've picked up and collaged together to create something new. The only thing that individualizes our ideas is how we perceive and express them. 

I haven't had the inspiration to paint in a few months, so when the feeling came on I immediately meditated on the structure of the idea for 2 min( that's all I can handle of meditation, I'm terrible at it) and then ran to get the colors and supplies. This particular piece is a reflection on the idea of "movement within a confined space". Endless spaces, all built within other spaces. Confined but active. This is a reflection of my emotional landscape. Thoughts, phases and words. Lined up, one after another-different colors, different moods. 

La Dolce Vita is available for purchase or view.