Is achieving indifference an art? The pinnacle, the apex of zen? Or is it an unforgiving detrimental choice? A learned behavior that compels us to "get ahead" and or a cliched form of apathy. Forcing us to disengage and divorce ourselves from a sense of purpose or meaning in life. 

This is important to me. To find the balance. To decipher what it means to be indifferent and whether or not it is something to strive for. As a high functioning empath (as I like to describe myself) everything feels a lot. Always. And somewhere in my mind I feel like the act of choosing indifference feels like a guise for dehumanization. 

Imagine: An entire planet, 7 billion human souls, displaying, living, portraying a lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern for one another. Or anything for that matter. In a world that forces us to ignore others in pain, to seek power over the souls that struggle in finding their way, I am afraid that indifference feels like a perversion rather than art. 

Perhaps, The art of achieving indifference is death. 



Nathalia PizarroComment