Thus it begins, or has already been in effect but never acknowledged. Where would one, does one, find or discover a form of insight, awareness, wisdom and enlightenment? In a time of the inevitable rise of mediocrity, narcissistic endeavors and vapid conversations, people are increasingly passive aggressive, untrusting and void of any kind of gratitude for the brilliance of a single breath. The incomprehensible novelty of life itself is never mentioned, while consciousness is never acknowledged and "being" is forgotten. Leaving the miserable self to the forefront. ENTER: The self obsessed bone bag. 

It has come to a great surprise to me that there are 7 billion people on this planet and I have met perhaps 2-3 that are capable of an unconditional friendship. These 2-3 people do not want my money (not that I have any), they do not want my skills, they do not want my access to my contacts, they do not want my boyfriend, they don't want to be "seen" with me. They want absolutely nothing of the sort. The only thing they want is connection. One human being locked in and connected to another. And this people... is a rare thing. Perhaps I am wrong, but I consider the rise of mediocrity to be the product of a conscious "check out". The state in which one becomes abnormally self obsessed that they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve some "thing" that they forget themselves and their being entirely. These "things" prevent us from connecting with one another, and encourage us to use one another. 

It is such a shame that I have met so many of the self obsessed and so little of the connected. BUT! I still have faith. With this small piece dropped into the abyss of the internet, I hope to offer up the idea of human connection and challenge myself as well as others to seek it out in one another. The simple action of connecting. Allowing each other to be amazed by the rhythmic simplicity of breath and the wonderment of existence.